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Protecting Your Pets From The Heat

As the temperatures heat up this summer, it’s important to remember that rising temps can be dangerous for your pet. At Urban Pet Rx, we care about pet wellness in Chicago and want to help you keep your pets safe this summer. Here are some helpful tips for pet owners to keep their cuddliest family […]

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Thinking About Traveling With Your Pet?

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted across the country, many pet owners are considering traveling this Spring and Summer. If you are thinking about taking a trip and want to bring your pet along with you, there are many considerations you must take to do so. Plan Ahead The most important task is to start planning […]

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Pet Emergencies That Require Immediate Treatment

Nobody wants to visit their veterinary practice in a panic, but dogs and cats aren’t immune to injuries and mishaps. If your gut is telling you that your dog or cat is experiencing a true medical emergency, please call a local emergency animal hospital and take your pet in immediately. In the case that your […]

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The Basics of Heart Murmurs In Pets

Just as the human heart works hard to keep us alive, the same can be said for your pet’s heart. Through thousands of contractions every day, your pet’s heart works to deliver blood and oxygen throughout the body. If you’ve recently visited our animal hospital near Bridgeport, chances are high that we listened to your […]

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Should I Worry About Salt On My Dog’s Paw Pads?

With winter weather in full swing, our vet near Chicago is receiving an increasing number of questions about seasonality and caring for your pet. Specifically, the question of whether salt can damage a dog’s paw pads often comes up this time of year. While you can’t avoid salt exposure during winter in Chicago, you can […]

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