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Radiology & Diagnostic Services

Radiology services revolve around the diagnostic and treatment of injuries and illnesses in your pet. Thanks to technological advancements that have taken place over the past decade, our radiology services can help diagnose your pet’s ailments earlier, guide us in the right direction in terms of a treatment plan, identify developing injuries and provide further expertise. The imaging results that come from our Bridgeport vet’s radiology services can provide us with an in-depth look of what your pet is experiencing, allowing us to make the most informed treatment plan available.

We offer the following radiology and diagnostic services to our patients:

Digital & Dental Radiography

Digital radiography utilizes x-ray sensitive plates to capture data and immediately transfer it to a computer system without an intermediary device. This results in clearer images that don’t utilize as much radiation compared to traditional x-rays. It’s an ideal way to examine the bones, lungs, mouth, abdomen and many other areas of the body. These photos can easily be shared via email.


Ultrasound services are utilized in a variety of scenarios, including looking at the abdomen. The real-time sound waves can detect pregnancy, tumors, the buildup of abdominal fluid and other related issues.

If you have further questions about our in-house diagnostic services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today!

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