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Alternative and Holistic Options

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In addition to traditional options for your pet, we also offer alternative and holistic options for your furry friend as well. Our holistic veterinary treatment in Bridgeport focuses on providing a wide range of holistic options that considers the entire animal as a whole. Factors such as their constitution, diet and nutrition, the environment, stress and the owner’s relationship with the pet, to help determine the best treatment options.

Acupuncture Services

Dr. June LaFave is certified in acupuncture through CuraCore, which teaches medical acupuncture based on fact. Just like acupuncture has benefits to humans, it has benefits to our pets as well. Acupuncture is a great way to treat pain by increasing blood circulation, nervous system stimulation and the release of pain-relieving hormones.

She has also completed a 2-year, 1400-hour course of study in Western herbal medicine taught by internationally renowned veterinary herbalist Dr. Barbara Fougere. Currently, Dr. LaFave is enrolled in a 2-year, Chinese herbal medicine program taught by Dr. Steve Marsden who is the leading expert in veterinary Chinese medicine. He is the founder of Natural Path, an herb company that sells high-qualiy herbs that we implement in our practice. You can read more about the quality and safety of these herbs here.

As you can see, Dr. June LaFave is committed to continuing her education on medicinal and holistic treatment options to better understand and treat her patients, taking pride in educating owners throughout the process as well.

Laser Therapy to Come

In the future, Dr. LaFave will also be offering laser therapy as an option to help treat pain, inflammation, and wounds. Lasers are also beneficial in treating neurological conditions, and dermatological problems. This is a sterile and pain-free option for pets to receive benefits for a variety of issues, ultimately cutting down on invasiveness and healing time.

Holistic Veterinary Services in Bridgeport and Surrounding Areas

Dr. LaFave and her team are proud to offer alternative approaches to common aches and pains that your pet is going through! If you’re interested in learning more about our holistic approach or how your pet can benefit, please get in touch with our team today!

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