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Bridgeport Veterinary Services at Urban PetRx

If you’ve recently welcomed a new four-legged family member into your home, you’ll want to find a qualified Bridgeport vet to care for them. Urban PetRx is a qualified neighborhood vet equipped with a team that cares just as much as you do. Regardless of where your pet is in his or her life, having an equipped and dedicated veterinary team provides peace of mind to owners, allowing them to genuinely enjoy every moment that they have with their pet.

Here are some of our veterinary services in Bridgeport and surrounding areas:

Radiology & Diagnostic Services

There’s no worse feeling than knowing that your pet is sick but not being able to do anything about it. Our radiology and diagnostic services aim to get to the root of the issue and provide a clear approach to recovery that satisfies your every need.

Specific examples of our radiology and diagnostic services include digital dental radiology to help care for your dog or cat’s oral health needs. We also provide ultrasound services that are designed to look at the abdomen. Ultrasounds can help detect tumors, pregnancy, abnormal cell build up and other related issues.


Microchipping is another example of a service that we offer to our patients. If you haven’t heard of a microchip, it is a small electronic tag that is placed under the skin of your pet to help locate owners in the case that their missing animal is found. The chip itself is smaller than a grain of rice and the insertion process takes fewer than 30 seconds.

Bridgeport-area dog and cat parents can benefit from knowing that their pet is microchipped. On the off chance that your pet goes missing, it’s best to have an approach in place so you can find them as soon as possible.

In-House & Reference Labs

Lab work is a routine part of veterinary care in Bridgeport and surrounding areas, so if we recommend lab or blood work, don’t panic. Our in-house laboratory is equipped to handle routine and emergency tests.

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Pet owners shouldn’t settle for mediocre veterinary services in Bridgeport. Turn to our team at Urban PetRx for assistance with both routine and emergency services. If you’re interested in learning more about what we do or how we can help your pet, contact us today.

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