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Thinking About Traveling With Your Pet?

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted across the country, many pet owners are considering traveling this Spring and Summer.

If you are thinking about taking a trip and want to bring your pet along with you, there are many considerations you must take to do so.

Plan Ahead

The most important task is to start planning well in advance because some preparations may take six months or more to complete. There are many variables involved in traveling with a pet, therefore timelines may vary according to the destination state or country, and the airline you are using for travel.

We strongly encourage you start looking into travel requirements as soon as possible. Please contact your airline as soon as possible. You should also reference the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Pet Travel resource for valuable information regarding the requirements needed for your pet to travel.

Many countries require health certificates to be endorsed by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) after being issued by a veterinarian able to help with the travel endorsements. Unfortunately, at this time Urban PetRx is not able to assist with international travel, however we can provide health certificates and assist when traveling with your pet state-to-state.

Some other steps you should take well in advance include:

  • Acquiring special permits to own and transport your animal
  • Checking with transportation agencies for animal transport policies
  • Make arrangements for animal care while in transit and at arrival
  • Review and comply with regulatory requirements and restrictions

If you are thinking of traveling out of state, but staying in the US, visit us at Urban Pet Rx for your travel needs. If you are traveling internationally, we recommend you begin planning as soon as possible. Although we cannot assist with international travel at this time, we recommend you seek out a pet travel company experienced in these matters such as Pets in Transit. They work with veterinarians who can assist you with the documents.

We’ve also put together this helpful video discussing traveling with your pets to assist you in making the process as efficient as possible.

The Days Leading Up To Your Departure

There are many steps you should take before your trip begins, but what about those last-minute, “did I lock the door?” types of things we always forget? Well, Urban Pet Rx has your back!

Leading up to your departure, we’d recommend verifying with your destination that requirements have not changed since you last checked. If they require a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) by a federally accredited veterinarian, make sure to get their final exam and you receive the issued CVI. Make sure to keep your copy and supporting documents with you at all times while traveling with your pet.

It would be wise to gather all of your travel supplies a few days in advance, including any medications or special equipment your pet needs. You don’t want to be rushing around the morning of your departure, searching for a collar, leash, or favorite toy!

If you are flying, check with the airline on the day you leave to confirm traveling conditions are sufficient and proper arrangements are made. Many people don’t know that airlines may refuse to transport your pet if it is too hot or cold.

To learn more about taking the necessary steps, both the American Veterinary Medical Association and APHIS have great resources available to help guide you through the process of traveling with your pets.

Bring Your Pets to Urban Pet Rx

Whether you’re looking for help with pet wellness in Chicago, veterinary services, or assistance with traveling with your animal, make the experienced animal care professionals at Urban Pet Rx your first call.

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