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Should I Worry About Salt On My Dog’s Paw Pads?

With winter weather in full swing, our vet near Chicago is receiving an increasing number of questions about seasonality and caring for your pet. Specifically, the question of whether salt can damage a dog’s paw pads often comes up this time of year. While you can’t avoid salt exposure during winter in Chicago, you can still take the right measures to reduce its effects to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Here’s what our vet near Bridgeport wants you to know this winter.

What Ingredients Are In Salt?

Salt is a necessary method of keeping dangerous ice and snow at bay. Property owners may turn to salt to melt black ice and to ensure both walking and driving are safe. The main ingredient used in most of these deicers is sodium chloride or calcium chloride.
If your pet ingests any salt, it may result in mouth burns or gastrointestinal problems. Plus, if salt gets on or between your dog’s paw pads, it can cause severe irritation and burns.

What You Can Do

Preventative care is important in keeping your dog safe during the winter. If you own a home or condo, take special care to ensure your dog avoids salt as often as possible. While you won’t be able to keep them away from all salt, opt for walk routes that you know don’t contain a lot of salt on the ground.

Boots are another great investment for your dog if you enjoy long walks but you want more peace of mind. Get your dog used to wearing the boots around the house before jumping into taking long walks.

When you get home from a walk and you know that your dog has been exposed to salt, simply rinse their paws with warm water. This will help wash away any salty residue.

Our Animal Hospital Near Bridgeport Can Help

If you think your dog ingested too much salt or has developed an injury from salt exposure, our full-service veterinary clinic is happy to help. Please call us to learn more about our veterinary services today.

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